For Film Fest Gent's 50th anniversary, the festival launched 2x25.  25 composers were invited to write a short piece of music and then 25 filmmakers were inspired by the music to make a short film. Passing Time is Terence Davies' contribution to the project. The film fuses the music of Florencia Di Concilio, a poem written and reac by Terence, and a single image of rural countryside filmed close to Terence's home in Essex in the UK. The 3-minute film is a meditation on loss, love, and of the consoling power of words, music and nature.  Conceived after Terence became ill in May 2023, the film is the first creative collaboration with producer James Dowling (also director and producer of Terence's short fim for the Pompidou Centre, Home! Home!).

Link: Filmfest Gent 25:25

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